My first head swap

The vast majority of my 54mm AWI figures will be plastic.  While this approach allows me to build units cheaply, it does not provide much variety in the way of units or specialty troops.  That is where All The King’s Men comes in.  They sell a wide range of AWI troop heads in different headdress. I placed my order and within a couple of days a small box of heads showed up on my doorstop.  Today I tried out my first head swap.  An exacto knife performed a quick decapitation of an Armies In Plastic AWI officer  and within a couple of minutes the boring tricorn hat head was replaced with a Highlander bonnet.  The ATKM heads are a bit larger than the original but once painted and put into a unit I don’t think it will stand out too badly.  I need to work on the neck area a bit in future  swaps.  When held at arm’s length the issue is not as bad.  The little stick coming out of the neck area is the head’s ponytail which is in line with the body’s lapels.  I will need to work on bending it into a more natural position in the future.
head swap 01 head swap 02 head swap 03

Making flags for my 54mm AWI troops

I am starting to build a collection of 54mm American War for Independence figures, mostly in plastic
.  AWI troops

So it is time to start making up some flags.  I start by printing the flags out on my laser printer.
Making flags 01

Then I use a glue stick to attach it to a sheet of heavy duty foil.
Making flags 02

After that I use the glue stick on half the flag and wrap the flag around the pole, in this case made from 16 gauge floral wire, topped with an earring back, both picked up at Michael’s.
Making flags 03

A drop of superglue at the top helps to hold it in place.
Making flags 04

Once dry, the flag can then be furled in various manners to achieve the rippling in the wind effect.
Making flags 05

Overall a quick, easy and inexpensive method to add the flags to the units.