Through with Thrace (for now)

I have finished up the last of the second batch of Thracians. This group was mostly skirmishers with some warrior types and a few cavalry. New to the mix is a unit of Warriors with Rhomphaia and a goodly number of slingers and archers.

Final count comes to:

2 bases Noble Cav (3 figs per base)
8 bases Cav (3 figs per base)
8 bases Warriors with Rhomphaia (3 figs per base)
10 bases Warriors (3 figs per base)
17 bases Tribal Spearmen (3 figs per base)
16 bases Javelinmen (2 figs per base)
8 bases Archers (2 figs per base)
10 bases Slingers (2 figs per base)

Total 203 figures on bases plus 2 each loose Noble Cav, Cav, Warriors, for a total of 209 painted figures.

Still to be painted: 4 Noble Cav and 4 Horse Archers.

To add a little variety and provide some needed light cavalry I have some Forged In Battle figures on order from Noble Knight Games.

Now it is on to lining up the next project. This one has been gathering dust for quite a while.

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