Once, Twice, Thrace

So back in November I attended Millennium Con down in Austin. While perusing the dealers room on the last day I ran across someone selling bags of mostly 15mm Essex ancients at 75% off. 75%! Of course I had to take advantage of such an opportunity. Two bags caught my eye, a small one of Thracians and a huge one of Samurai. The 5 pound bag of Samurai will wait for another day (separate swords and back banners, madness!) This is the story of the Thracians.

As reported previously I am putting the mancave in order over my Christmas break in order to get back into more painting. So having moved from this:


To this:


On Thursday I began to mount, prime, and paint my hardy band of Thracians. The mighty horde consisted of:
4 Noble Cav
16 Light Cav
16 Warriors with spear
48 Peltests with javelin
Being Essex they went together pretty quickly.

White primed and mounted
The whole tribe
Cavalary with Bodyguard Cavalry in front
Noble Warriors
Tribal warriors

My basic painting method allows for quick results and figures that look good at arm’s length. The steps:
Prime White
Block in Colors, usually starting with flesh and progressing outwards
Go back over details and fix any oops
Give them a coat of clear Future floor wax
Once dried, give them a coat of Future with blank ink and water
Base using dilute white glue and flock
Spray with matte clear

Of course no project ever goes this smoothly. While sorting through some other storage areas I came across a Plano box of minis. 15mm minis. 15mm Essex Successors minis. And of course there are more Thracians!

Thracians part deux!

So I go from a small band to a nice allied contingent in a Thraco-Macedonian Successor army. Out of curiosity I look up what it would take to make it a complete army in its own right. I am currently playing around with Mortem et Gloriam so looking up Thracian Hill or Lowland tribe I can field up to 120 bases of tribal infantry! Maybe To the Strongest might be more manageable to start with. That is a lot of Javelins. I need an Oprah figure in 15mm to be the general. “You get a javelin, you get a javelin, EVERYONE gets a javelin”

I’m baaaaack!

So nearly two years since the last post.  Quite a few things have changed.  I have added three new grand kids, bringing the total to 5!  I have also added two 3d printers and the mancave project which was just getting started at the time of the last post is finished.  As sort of a New Year’s resolution I have determined to paint more, play more, and in general enjoy life more

In order to get me motivated I am taking my Christmas break to get the mancave organized, projects lined up and horrors, get my inventory of miniatures updated.  And to add a bit more incentive I have decided to post it all on my website.  The gallery, blog and inventory will bare my shame to all who pass by.  So if you are interested here is the home page,  and the inventory  Hopefully you already have the blog space since you are reading this.

So to kick it off here are few pics of the mancave back in pristine condition.  Sad to say it looks no way as clean today.