2016 here I come!

I am going to try to use this blog to stay focused on the activities I hope to accomplish this year.  These include my hobbies, my profession and my side business.  My goal is for daily updates in all three areas.

First a little about me:
I am a director of a small community college library system.  I have worked there for almost 24 years and take a great bit of joy in helping students.  Among my duties beyond managing the library is coordinating our distance learning (online) program and providing faculty and staff development.  As a side business I operate a small glass painting business called Light Impressions, LLC. http://lightimpressions.joxash.org/.  Finally my hobbies center around history and wargaming.

Goals for 2916
If the stars align correctly and the funding comes through, we are going to renovate our main library.  We will be expanding the space yet ironically reducing our print collections.  The focus will be on the “learning commons” concept.  Lots of collaboration areas, technology, and hopefully, a makerspace with 3d printer, laser cutter, robotics and other gigaws.
Side business:
2015 was practically a hiatus for me in this.  After a year of travelling to different craft shows in Central Texas to show my wares I became a bit burned out.  This year I intend to focus on fewer shows and work on my web presence.
During the past 16 months I have been blessed with the births of two granddaughters.  One of the side affects of this is turning the bedroom that had served as my “mancave” back into a bedroom for visitors.  2016 is going to see me relocate to the garage, converting it into a hobby room/workshop for both my hobby and side business.  I also intend to get back to painting miniatures and playing more games.

So off I go.  See y’all later.

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